Merican Canjo

I stumbled across Merican Canjo on Instagram a few weeks back. They make some sweet Canjo guitars and some really nice bone/oak guitar slides. I was especially smitten with a slide and I tracked him down on Etsy .com and ordered myself one.

I came home from work yesterday to find a package containing this sweet slide and a free T-shirt. The craftmanship is amazing and it sounds really quite nice. It is a little more subdued than my glass slide. I will try to post a sound clip in the near future.

merican 2

merican 1A collection of my slides. I use  every one of them on different guitars.

merican 3

These awesome slide has inspired me. I think I will try making one for myself just see how it turns out.


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I am rapidly approaching middle age and have dove head first into the world of music.

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  1. Bone? That’s awesome. Have you tride making slides out of bottle necks but leaving off the tip? Make them a little lighter? The full bottle neck is intimidating for me.

    • yeah, i did rob, but it is very hard to get the end lip off cleanly. head down to a music shop and grab a little brass slide. they are super light and sound great. probably only 10 bucks or something.

  2. I started making that designed slide 8 years ago and don`t like being copied on my designs. Come up with your own design instead of ripping off someone else`s.

    • R.S. Bertz, are you focusing this comment at me specifically or at Merican Canjo? Just wondering as I was not the person who made this. I just happen to be someone who stumbled across his product and bought one. I stoked on it so I did a little post on it. Some people say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Send me over a slide and I will do a cool post on yours as well.:)

  3. Randy, stop trolling other people pages. if you have something to say send me an email. keep your grievances off others pages.

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