David “HoneyBoy” Edwards

I really geek out on all the old bluesmen and pretty much everything else about the south in that era. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade. Anyhow, one of my favorites is Honeyboy Edwards. He led a long life of rambling and playing the blues right up until his death in 2011. He travelled with a lot of the greats including Big Joe Williams, Little Walter, and the legendary Robert Johnson. According to Edwards, he was one of the last people to see Robert Johnson alive.

Over the holidays I was down in LA visiting family. When I am down there, I always make a point of going to the famous Amoeba records. I love that place. Anyhow, this year I stumbled across this more recent best of Honeyboy Edwards cd. A great cd to listen to, by the way. It wasn’t till this week that I discovered that it was in fact signed by Edwards himself! Stoked. Got myself a cool little piece of blues history right here.

honeyboy edwards cropped    Here is a sweet little video of John Hammond Jr. and Honeyboy Edwards getting into a little Robert Johnson.


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  1. Love the man … I was lucky to spend time, interview him.. he performed at the Juke Joint Festival and Mini-Fest in Clarksdale, MS~ 4 mos. later he was gone 😦 … great storyteller with sharp mind and intellect …Best in Blues, shein

    • yes you were lucky. I am envious. The closest to meeting any of these guys I have ever gotten is seeing Buddy Guy and John Hammond. I mostly live vicariously through you tube. I would love to have had a few moments to share with some of these great men before they passed. thanks for the comment.

      • I’ve been lucky, for sure! … wonderful down to earth warm and so friendly … it’s great that you tube is around ..
        Best, Shein

      • Hi .. just got back from Juke Joint Festival ’14 Clarksdale MS~
        …posted new photos/music to my BLUES BLUES BLUES =)
        Best in Blues, Shein

  2. I’m eyeing up a blues trail tour to the States… Maybe I’ll get Amoeba records…. 🙂

    • you wouldn’t be disappointed. I think they are only in LA, San Fran, and Sacremento though. you blues trail take you that way? I guess if you follow John Lee Hooker or Lightnin Hopkins….

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