George Faulkner

I have recently begun to record an album of my country blues influence music. I want this album to feel like the old field recordings from the 20’s and 30’s. I have been recording live in an open room, much like a lot of the blues greats did. They often recorded in an old shack, store-room, or on special occasion a hotel room.  I enlisted my long time friend George Faulkner to record me and we have had 3 sessions so far. we are getting close. 3 more tracks to lay down and then the mastering can begin.

We got together again last night and it was a particularly fun session. In between songs we took a few breaks and George noodled around on my guitars. After recording a few tracks with my Cigar Box Guitar (one of which was a sweet little instrumental track using a knife as a slide.  See my music page for a picture), George grabbed it and came up with this little diddie right away.


And a pic.

george D

I am also working on  a CBG for George as payment for the recording sessions. A little old-time bartering came into play. Here is how his is coming along so far. Cool box!




About wsbluesbox

I am rapidly approaching middle age and have dove head first into the world of music.

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  1. Damn that’s the coolest jam yet Craig. Like George Harrison or something.

  2. Hey – good news about your album – I’m looking forward to having a listen 🙂
    Best, Chris

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